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Hospital Medical gas lines

Certified Medical Gas Systems Installer per Florida Administrative Code


G Plumbing Inc understands the stringent certification and testing requirements, fundamentals, and significance of medical gas distribution. Gas piping is needed for oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, vacuum, and anesthesia waste exhaust. Hospital patients throughout the world depend on these medical gas systems for their recovery from illnesses, which effectively brings hospital plumbing professionals directly into the loop of patient care.

This places great significance on the capabilities of the people involved with these systems throughout their life cycle, and the establishment of proper codes, standards, and procedures.G Plumbing Inc takes this social responsibility very seriously. All piping is designed and installed under current National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 99) regulations, and all medical gas workers complete a 32 hour certification course. All systems are maintained oxygen clean and then purged with nitrogen prior to close. Certifications are granted by independent, third party inspectors.

All piping systems, hookups of controls and instrumentations, including master alarms and area alarms, are handled with the utmost care and dedication because of the potentially fatal consequences of substandard installation. This precision and dedication has built a reputation that ensures ongoing work in the medical field.

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