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Water Line Replacement


Replacing the main water line at your home can be a huge hassle. That’s why you want to work with a company that has the experience and training to get it done right the first time. G Plumbing Inc is proud to provide high quality and reliable water line replacement in Port Saint Lucie Florida and Treasure Coast.

water line plumber

Have you been noticing an unusally high water bill? Over time if unchecked a leaking water line can end up costing you several hundred dollars per year in unnecessary charges.Troubleshooting tips you can take before calling a plumber:


  • Make sure that no water is running or leaking inside the house, make sure toilet valves are not stuck, visually inspect water heater for leaks and around any appliances that have a water connection.

  • Call your local water utility and have a technician varify that the meter is not the issue.

  • If possible shut off water main inside the house while the utility tech is present.

  • If meter is still running while the main valve is off,  the meter is not the problem, it is more than likely there is a leak somewhere in your water line       


If the meter is the issue the water utility is responsible for the repair or replacement of the meter. Typically if the meter is the problem your water utility will reimburse you for overages that you paid due to the leaking water meter.  Once the problem has been varified as the water line between the meter and the house the home owner is responsible for the repair of the leak , and It's time to call G Plumbing Inc.

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