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Water Meter Connection


 When you need water meter connection services in Port Saint Lucie and surrounding areas on Treasure Coast,

 G Plumbing Inc is the team to trust. Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.

Connect meter Plumber

Connecting a water meter to your home is necessary when you transfer from a personal well to city or municipal water or when you build a new home. The primary purpose of a water meter is to measure the flow of water flowing into the home. Therefore, if you have a well, you may want to install a water meter to measure how much water you use from the well. Your water meter is a valuable tool for leak detection. Very high meter readings indicate water is being wasted. Water conservation not only saved you money on your water bill, it helps the environment, and preserves a very precious natural resource.


Reliable Service

At G Plumbing Inc, we want you to feel comfortable for having chosen us. We take water meter connection  seriously, employing a thorough, meticulous approach to the process. Excellent workmanship, outstanding service, and the skill to do the job right: That’s what you can expect when you hire G Plumbing Inc for water meter connection work. And because we’re committed to your satisfaction, we operate according to the highest standards for quality. It's just part of our pledge to provide the reliable service customers like you deserve. For more information about our water meter connection services or to schedule an estimate, call G Plumbing Inc today.


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