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Kitchen Renovation


Remodeling and updating your Kitchen is one of the most important and beneficial projects you can do to improve the look and add value of your home. Whether it’s a sprucing up of the existing Kitchen, a direct replacement, a total renovation in the existing space or an addition to provide more room in the new Kitchen, G Plumbing Inc cater to all in order to meet your goals of budget, need and taste.

PSL Kitchen Plumber
PSL kitchen plumber

Are you considering a kitchen remodel and need to find a great Port Saint Lucie kitchen remodeling plumber? If so, consider that a licensed plumber can help you make sound design decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Our plumbers are often called out to homes and offices where enterprising do-it-yourself people have created plumbing problems and costly repairs by trying to take shortcuts or simply not being qualified for the job they are trying to complete. We are all for people helping themselves, but caution you that a kitchen remodel is probably not the place to cut your teeth on a plumbing project.


 We can help you with smaller projects like a custom wet bar installation, or we can help you with a full kitchen remodel that includes things like relocating drains, sinks, water line repairs, ice makers, washing machines or dishwashers. We will ensure that your sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and other kitchen pieces drain properly and that all your plumbing is vented correctly. We treat every client as we would want to be treated and we look forward to consulting with you in helping you design the kitchen of your dreams.

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